Don Zinzell


I was born and raised in Miami, Florida by an eccentric CIA operative and a crafty den mother.

By age seven I had built my first tree fort, was fairly active in skateboarding, and loved to light things on fire.

By age twelve I was sporting my signature look (pink shirt, white tie, striped pants), had won my first art show, won the 7th grade science fair, trained daily on my off-road motorcycle, and had given up the clarinet for a drum set which I surround with blinking lights and a real police siren rigged to a car battery.

By age twenty-one I had released my first nation wide post-punk album. From that time on, I have been engaged with art, design, science, music, and have a strong interest in human behavior. 

Post childhood:

After leaving Miami, I lived in D.C., Los Angeles, and have settled into New York City. 

And most importantly, I am now able to resist the impulse to deliberately start fires — most are by "accident."


For the past twenty years, I have combined the disciplines of Postminimal Artist, Design Director, and Brand Innovator into an occupation I refer to as a Visualist.


My experimental artwork explores duality and the human condition as sociopolitical subject matter transformed into real-world objects and visuals. 


My commercial design portfolio includes some of the world's largest brands along with a collection of cultural institutions and unique ideation brands.

Design work located at