Duality. Humanity. Irony. Revolution. Wit.

My work is the manifestation of critical thinking through curious visuals that are both vibrantly alive and poignantly deadpan. Layers of storytelling reveal the conundrum of the human condition; from the subversion of mythology, to the magic of science, to the ‘taking to task’ of sociopolitical issues.

Along with references of Buddhism and quantum physics, my work also embodies mischief. I find solace in the disruption of society's dysfunctional playing field. I aim to tap into the weighted seriousness, and lighthearted playfulness, found at the core of human behavior. Can art inspire people to take corrective action in both personal and public issues? Yes, I like to imagine this as a possible outcome.

With duality as a driving concept, contradiction is also reflective in material choices; I often combine synthetics with elements of nature, smooth and rough textures, delicates with bulk, natural tones with pop colors. Can banal artifacts transform into spectacular objects? Let's see.

Touch it / don’t touch it.  See it / don’t see it.  Believe it / don’t believe it.